Lovely Day

Had a lovely day with Yost, his mom Ammie, his kids Nick and Maggie (Mike’s godchild), Sam and his mom. And of course Maggie’s son Aaron who is now 11 months old…and getting cuter by the minute!

As with our last visit only Yost, Ammie and Sam seemed to make Aaron truly happy so no pictures of Mike or me holding him this time. 😢

We discovered that Nick’s birthday is later this week so a candle was quickly found for the cake Mike made (and we had already cut for Friday night dinner) and had a singalong wishing him a happy birthday as he made his wish.


Always a bridesmaid….

Between our hotel and Yost & Sam’s is a pocket park at the commuter train station the park is mostly fountain and apparently it is THE place to have one’s quinceanera pictures made.

In addition to the girl in lavender, there was one or royal blue on the upper fountain, the girl in baby blue waiting impatiently for lavender to get out of her way, and the pink fluffball leaving. I think there must of been one more leaving as we walked up as there was a stretch hummer (one of four) leaving the curb when we walked up.