Made It

Uneventful travels to Washington and now enjoying a Friday cocktail with Yost and Sam and watching the rush hour takeoffs from National Airport.

On our Way.

We finished packing the car and left Lois’s house about 8:50 this morning. As you can see the car is full! Thankfully most of the stuff in the backseat will he staying at Yost & Sam’s. We are bringing meatloaf for dinner tonight (and another for their freezer) and on Sunday, their Mom’s and kids are coming for enchiladas (and we have more for their freezer). Let’s hope they are good since we have never made them before! LOL

We just finished burrito bowls for lunch at Qdoba in Charlottesville and after a quick stop at AAA to pick up an atlas we will be back on the road to Washington-should be there by three.

Road Trip!

Since returning to the states in December, we had planned on doing a road trip (the Christmas trip was a test to see if we could stand being in the car long term). We had figured we would just be gone for the summer but after our three months of lake living at Lois’ house at Smith Mountain Lake, we reached the decision that we weren’t going to make it our US based “nest” so instead we are planning on being gone until this coming Christmas.

We leave tomorrow and our first stop will be in DC for a visit with Yost & Sam. After that we start heading north hopefully to stay ahead of hot weather. 🤞

Below is our current itinerary. As always subject to change and the closer the date the less change is likely. The cruises aren’t booked yet…waiting on the final payment (for those already booked) date to pass in the hopes that the prices will fall (unlikely as already cheap-but hoping for included gratuities and/or drinks). If we end up not cruising we will instead spend more time on the west coast.

May 17 leave Danville

5/17-5/21 Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Crystal City

5/21 Kentuck Knob 3.5 hours, tour at 4pm, drive to Uniontown PA 30 min, stay at Hampton Inn Uniontown

5/22 Drive to Columbus OH. 3:45 hours

5/22-5/27 Columbus OH airbnb

5/27 Drive to Columbus ID

5/27-5/29 Columbus ID

5/29 Drive to Independence-ish

5/30 Morning Rock&Roll Hall of Fame

5/30 Afternoon Drive to Lockport

5/30 Dinner with Kristin

5/30 Stay in Lockport

5/31 Drive to Hamilton Ontario

5/31-6/7Hamilton Airbnb

6/7 Drive to Lemington Ontario

6/7-6/15 Lemington Airbnb

6/15 Drive to Sarnia Ontario

6/15-6/26 Sarnia Airbnb

6/26 Drive halfway to Chicago (Battle Creek?)

6/27 Drive to Chicago

6/27-6/30 Chicago Embassy Suites

6/27-Pizza for Mike’s Birthday


6/29-surprise tour from Rebecca & Karol, then dinner with them and Tommy & Rich at S.K.Y.

6/30-Pride Parade

7/1 Drive to Doug & Larry’s in Mundelein

7/1-7/5 Mundelein

7/2 –

7/3-Milwaukee Art Museum


7/5 Drive to Talesin


Mt Rushmore


Bose ? Montana

Visit Gail in Condon Montana/ Glacier



Seattle-leave car at Andy’s

Train to Vancouver

Cruise to Japan 15/16 days leaves Sept 6

Japan 4 or 8 night$

Fly to Hawaii 4 or 8 night$

Cruise to Vancouver leaves October 4



Grand Canyon


Santa Fe


New Orleans (Thanksgiving?)


So come along!