Coffee and Pistachio Roll

The rocking seas meant I slept like a baby and didn’t wake up until 10. So no lamb chops for breakfast this morning, instead just a coffee and my favorite pistachio roll in the beautiful Living Room.

Hopefully that means I won’t have ruined lunch! Such a tough life we lead.

Day 2

Sitting on the balcony writing this having my second cup of coffee. We headed to breakfast in the Restaurant about 8:30 and were asked if we wanted to share a table. First time had that happen at breakfast…strange given how empty the ship is. We said sure and were pleasantly surprised to be seated with Fred and Susan, two fellow CruiseCritic members.

After our usual lamb chops and eggs (and a pistachio roll for me, we attempted to take a walk around the promenade. But it’s windy, a little rainy or salt water spraying so the deck was slippery. So instead I am up in the balcony enjoying the sound of the waves and the wind and the delicious in room Nespresso coffee.

I think I blogged last night that we asked about an upgrade when we boarded and had a voicemail last night telling us to come meet with the Guest Services manager today between 5-7 pm. So we haven’t yet unpacked fully. I stopped by guest services to try to get an idea of what kind of offer might be made-we don’t intend to pay anything extra for a Penthouse Veranda (that’s what we had in Asia and liked a lot but we are on a budget). We think if they offer either a Jr. suite or a man Explorer Suite for a reasonable amount we might fork over a few extra bucks just to try out them out. We will be keeping our fingers crossed. 🤞

Time to get ready to head to Trivia-wish ya luck!


One of the things I hate about cruising (just about the only one I guess) is that in order to empty the ship and have it ready for those who are going to be sleeping in my bed soon is to start getting you ready to leave well in advance. They gave us luggage tags two days ago, told us about our onboard account status yesterday, tonight was the ” final show”. What I don’t get live entertainment on my last night???? Anyway it all makes sense so that you have time to deal with any baggage or financial issues but it does put a damper on the last few days. This is especially true of this trip since we have a port day tomorrow and then they are throwing us off on Saturday morning.

Anyway, after a late start (I was up until well after 1 ya know) and two lattes and the delicious pistachio sticky bun we started to get ready by packing all our clean clothes this morning and filling up one suitcase. We have tried to load some of the heavier items from the backpacks (electronics mostly) to make them easier to deal with. Since we aren’t going to be flying, we have also expanded the rollaboards so that they hold a bit more…you could almost hear the zippers thanking us!

After lunch of burgers from the grill, we did a load of wash and packed up that stuff too, so hopefully tomorrow when we reboard in Valencia we will do a small load of the clothes we wear and basically have all clean clothes when we arrive at our first AirBnB. While it has a washer, the drying situation is unknown so the less we have to wash the better!

The Virginia Gentlemen (the UVA group) did a final performance this afternoon (standing room only) and frankly blew away all the other performers on board. In addition to being talented, they all seem to be fine guys and as Mike, Scott, Robert and I were once referred to while visiting San Francisco have been a breath of fresh air!

After their show, we went to tea, mostly for a scone! Then because we had leftover onboard credit from our agent, Mike got a haircut! It was the most expensive one he has even had at $39! But it looks great.

We then ate in the buffet since it got late after chatting over cocktails (and crab claws) with folks. We had Prime Rib which was tasty as was some finished to order mushroom risotto.

The final show was an ABBA Tribute.

Lazy Day redux.

Slept in, coffee and blogging, lunch (salad), watched part 2 of a documentary on Spanish Art, napped, dressed (if jeans and a previously worn to dinner shirt counts as dressing), cocktails while UVA boys gave their 15 minute show, buffet for Greek night, and a less than spectacular sunset, writing this while Mike updates his journal (photo above) and now probably headed to the room to watch the final part of the documentary and go to bed.

Sorry for the lack of excitement today. There was a reported sighting of a humpback whale a little while ago from the front of the ship. We saw a big splash a little while ago off the stern while eating dinner…can I say I saw a whale?

Tomorrow-Cadiz, Spain

Full Day.

Actually made it to breakfast this morning! Yay for us!

I stayed on deck to drink coffee while Mike walked. I then did my two miles while he hung out on the balcony. As you can see we are still rolling! Some of the troughs appear to be higher than than second deck where the promenade / walking track is located The video above was taken from our room which is one deck higher.

After I had finished we had lunch from the poolside grill. Above is my grilled tuna with beet salad, black bean salad and shredded cabbage with bacon and cardamom (meh). How healthy!

While Mike returned to the room to check on finances (and methinks a nap) I laid by the pool. It was a lovely day, mid 70s, sunny and windy. To keep up with him I had double lobsters too…except mine were of the liquid variety-a tropical drink called a rock lobster.

For dinner this evening we ate again in the Chef’s Table. This time the menu is a historic journey through time. We shared a table with a couple from Houston and another from the south of England. Enjoyable conversation and a tasty meal. With the exception of the amuse which was just ok, I thought the other courses were quite good.

Tomorrow we see land for the first time in eight days! We are scheduled to be in Funchal, Madeira before 8 am. Hopefully the two fellow CruiseCritics who missed the ship in San Juan and then again in Sint Maarten will be boarding. They arrived in Funchal yesterday and I am sure will be happy to finally be caught up!

Here’s dinner tonight:

Amuse-cucumber mousse with foam


Oxtail Consume’ after they poured in the consume’

Granita (tasty this time!)

Lamb (well at least three morsels-we all thought another morsel or two would have been welcome)

Chocolate and Nut bar with pistachio gelato

When just one isn’t enough!i

Lovely day today. Still didn’t make it to breakfast but did enjoy a coffee and muffin in the atrium (while Sir Michael slept) with a fellow CruiseCritic from Victoria.

After his majesty deigned us with his presence, it was almost lunch time so we had our usual salads (no ice cream today-you’ll see why in a minute) and then started our walk. As posted earlier I was striving for 2 miles and made it. Of course Mike had to show off and do over three!

We then took a plunge, showered and changed clothes to go to Tea!

I had Lemon Black (wasn’t very so asked for a slice of lemon). Mike had Hopalong Cassidy (whatever 😂) which was very interesting. We were sitting and I kept getting a whiff of smoke-like Killen’s BBQ. Turns out it was his tea!

It was lovely. This is held everyday but this was my first time-naps have interfered before. The sandwiches and pastries were all fine but nothing special (well except for the double decker one-it was chicken salad that tasted like it came from Midtown Market in Danville-my fab) but the scones were delish. So much so I had two! Now you know why no ice cream!

After tea we headed to the atrium to catch another performance by the UVA boys along with a cocktail of course.

Then we went to the buffet and had our drinks, a bit of sushi and a glorious sunset. Here’s the best part-after all the years of trying, we finally saw the green flash!!!! YeeHaw. Life is now complete.

We then headed to the Restaurant for dinner. Not to be outdone by my double scones, Mike had doubles too.

It really wasn’t his fault. We were sharing a table with a couple from Pittsburg (cruising in celebrating their 50th Anniversary) and both Mike and Pittsburgh Mike ordered lobster. After they were both about half done, the waiter shows up with two more which apparently had been accidentally made. The waiter asked if they each wanted one or wanted to share one of these spares. Danville Mike said share, Pittsburgh Mike said I’ll take another so both Mike’s ended up with two! And these weren’t the 4 ounce tails we used to buy at Kroger for special occasions. These were full on (1.5 pound? ) whole lobsters, split and broiled

Here is a photo of his first one:

My Mike couldn’t eat much more than half of Lobster #2 so I helped him eat a part of it. Pittsburgh Mike ate both of his. Needless to say, Mike canceled his dessert order!

Off to bed, damn clock moves ahead again so suddenly it’s midnight and we have promised ourselves (again) that we are gonna get up for breakfast.

Karen, below is your fix for today:

Coquilles St. Jacque (Scallops with mushrooms and cheese) delish!

My short ribs over polenta with beetroot and marscapone. On any other night this would have been the winner but nothing can compete with double lobsters!

As requested.

A follower of the blog requested photos of the ocean. Just took these from Deck 2 during the first mile if what I hope will be a two mile. So thanks for the excuse to sit on the aft and write (and take the picture above) for a minute!

Weather today is beautiful but windy and a little cooler. The swells continue to rock the ship from side to side. It seemed to be worse overnight than we have had since just after leaving San Juan. We noticed that there weren’t many folks up this morning so perhaps they were making up for sleep lost overnight.

It is difficult to get a picture that shows the ocean as it really is -they all seem to look the same but that certainly isn’t the case. It is constantly changing and so wonderful to gaze at endlessly.