Lovely Day for a Cruise

So not exactly the Miami weather one expects for a cruise…better than a snow storm I guess.

Just finished breakfast at the Hyatt Place and will leave for the ship about 11 am. The chance of rain is down to 10% by 5 o’clock so hopefully we will be able to enjoy being on the Aquavit Terrace for sailaway.


Landed 10 minutes late so of course no one to operate the jetway so we sat on the plane for another 10 minutes. Our new luggage worked great as it is the largest size that will fit overhead so we were able to go straight to the hotel shuttle area shown above.

Jeez, I had forgotten how hot and humid Miami is 😅

We just got to the Hyatt Place (scored for free on points!) and are soon going to head to bed.

Tomorrow morning to the ship!😁