Las Vegas

This post about our visit last October is being written in February.

Using Mike’s credit card 4th night free we were in Vegas for that many nights…which was at least three too many for us! We aren’t gamblers, the ticket prices for the shows were crazy ($400 for nose bleed seats for GaGa for example), if you can find anyone in the title picture that looks glamorous let me know and apparently Elvis uses a hover-round. So it wasn’t the rat pack atmosphere I guess I expected. I was impressed with the exterior escalators moving the hordes from one casino to another up and over the streets. I was not impressed with the pungent pot odor everywhere. I expected it in Portland and it wasn’t objectionable there. But here it was everywhere. I guess we were the only two folks not high. I also found most of the architecture underwhelming. But I expected that going in, we hadn’t expected to find showgirls in the street asking to have our picture taken with them. I guess they make money by charging you?

We elected to try one buffet for lunch. It was impressive (especially the bone marrow) but not sure it was worth the $45 price tag.

After our buffet lunch we walked up the strip and watched one of the fountain shows at the Bellagio.

And then we tried to win some money on slots using the free money that the casino provided us for joining their loyalty club. Unfortunately, we were not successful.

The most enjoyable things we did in Vegas were a daytrip to Hoover Dam and having a drink with Mike’s cousin Meredith who was in town to lead a panel discussion for a convention.

While the dam itself was incredibly impressive it was the emergency overflow troughs that I found most interesting. They have only been used once or twice when the water level reached too high. You can see the water line on the Rick Wall face beyond-it’s the whiter line against the red clay color.

So, it appears we won’t be making Vegas a regular hangout. Glad we went but for us what happens in Vegas is more than welcome to stay right there! 😂