Budget Update.

WhooHoo, just reconciled our budget to reflect actuals for October and November and we are currently $10,045 UNDER!!!

So unless we really blow it in December it looks like we will have made it through the first year of retirement safely….only four more to go before we can stop worrying about it so much….at least according to most of the retirement cautionary tales I’ve read. Most of them advise on being financially careful the first five years so that you don’t reduce your savings so much that your investments can’t continue to grow. Even with the recent Trump downturn in the market, it appears that we will end the year with right at or slightly more than what we had guesstimated…which means if the other estimates remain true we won’t run out of money until Mike is 100!



For those of you who are keeping track, you may have been wondering why I hadn’t reported on our budget lately. I think it was fear that we had overspent due to the unplanned Baltic Cruise. But I finally brought myself to input our September expenses into the spreadsheet and thankfully even thought we spent more than budgeted for September, the surpluses we had been running all year more than covered the overrun.

We have budgeted $5,800 a month and in September due to the cruise and its associated expenses (airfare, hotel, tours, etc.) we spent $9,937. But for the year we are still under budget by $3,900. Yay!

I don’t think I’ve posted this yet, but at the suggestion of our friends Peggy & Lowell who are joining us for the upcoming Transatlantic, we are staying aboard the ship after we reach Miami on November 19th for an additional 11 days. When I just told Mike the good news that we were still under budget for the year, he said, but we won’t be after you input the additional cruise. “Ha!” I said, yes we will…the cruise for both of us all in (including drinks and gratuities) was only $1,609 and we have $1,600 budgeted for rent in November plus $500 for food. So we should have a surplus in November too.

Of course I suspect we will need it to cover December!