San Juan

Landed a little early in San Juan and got to our hotel about 9 pm. Tired after a long day but glad to be here.

It was nice to have some space on the 2 hour flight from Miami but dinner left a little to be desired.

Salad, salty twice (maybe thrice?) baked potato and salty rubber chicken with a hint of salty mushroom sauce and a dry wheat roll. #FirstWorldProblems. Thankfully the white wine was nice and not at all salty. The predinner hot nuts and G&T were tasty as was the post dinner hot snickerdoodle cookie (biscuit for my British followers) with a glass of Bailey’s!

We intend to leave the hotel by 10 or so in the morning and drop our bags at the ship and then show Lois around our 51st state before boarding the ship in the early afternoon. So I’m off to bed!


Just boarded our ride from Miami to San Juan. So far been a smooth trip-spent a couple of hours enjoying a mojito, nachos, and shrimp tacos at Corona Beach Club courtesy of our PriorityPass. Not as nice as a lounge but better than sitting at the gate!

Happy with my window seat and all the legroom. Lois has a similar seat on the opposite side of the plane and Mike is across the aisle from her.

Got plenty of storage but not sure what to use it for given the 2:40 hour flight. But would be really nice for the return from Rome!

On our way!

We had an easy drive from Danville this morning and arrived earlier than we had intended. Can you tell which suitcase is Lois’ bag? 😂

We are safely at RDU waiting for our flight. Unfortunately we are #7,8,& 9 on the wait list for First and 8 out of 8 seats are sold on that cabin so the chance we will end up in the front of the plane are slim and none. 😢. #FirstWorldProblems


I keep hoping that Viking is going to email us with an upgrade to a penthouse stateroom (slightly larger, comes with liquor in the fridge that gets replaced daily and free ironing and shoe shines) alas, while others on our rollcall have been upgraded, we haven’t. 😢

BUT, we when we checked in for our flights tomorrow we found out our request for upgrades had been confirmed-at least for the Miami to San Juan. I had requested the flight we are on because it is a 767 widebody with lie flat seats. While we won’t need them, it does mean we will have lots of room and dinner. Now if the upgrade from Raleigh to Miami clears we will be golden. This is especially true since the airfare was “free” or at least included in our cruise price. We got the upgrades by responding to an email offer from American earlier in the year-the had a promotion to give us “Gold” status and ten 500-mile upgrade certificates each. So we are pleased that for at least some of our flights we will be in comfort! Keeping our fingers crossed that our request for an upgrade for the loooong flight from Rome to Philadelphia gets approved. That one won’t be free but for 25,000 points and $350 we think being in comfort for 11 hours will be worth it. 🤞

We leave Danville at 8 am tomorrow-Lois’ boytoy is driving us to Raleigh and our flight boards a little after 11 am. We have a long layover in Miami before we leave for San Juan. We are scheduled to land at 8:17.

@AmericanAir @VikingCruises

3 Days!

Three days from right now we should be pulling out of San Juan Harbor. We finished packing today, that’s probably the closest to departure we have ever done that…remember last year when we had it packed three weeks before we left? 😂

I guess the 7 months on the road helped us learn how to do it quickly. It also taught us that we didn’t need everything we packed the first time. Last year we both had our rollaboards expanded and a full backpack a piece. This year, everything is in the rollaboards and they aren’t expanded. We do have our Porto cloth daybag (it’s the beige bag on top of the suitcase just in case we discover something that should have been inside. The blue thing is a self inflating seat cushion. There is another in Mike’s suitcase. We will be flying back in economy if our upgrades to business (25k points + $350) don’t come through-I don’t have much hope they will. 😢 This will be the first time in 10 or more years flying long haul (11 hours) in economy. I had sworn I wouldn’t ever do it, but it was hard to pay for it when Viking included it in our cruise fare. So hopefully the cushions which come recommended by a bunch of frequent flyers will prove to be worth their $14 price tag….I’m really sorta hoping by toting them will cause us to be upgraded…you know how when you take an umbrella it never rains but if you forget then it pours?😁

I have no brain!

I’m reposting this to correct a major error in what I posted yesterday. Glad I realized it today and not next week at the airport!!!

A week from right now we should be aboard our American A319 in Raleigh headed for Miami. We have an almost four hour layover there so are hoping to use our PriorityPass benefits at one of the restaurants there for an early dinner before boarding our American 767 headed to Puerto Rico. We are scheduled to land about 8 pm so by the time we get to the hotel will be sorta late for dinner. Of course if we get lucky and our Gold upgrades come through, we will get dinner on the plane. 🤞

Mike and I are all packed and Lois is almost there so after one last weekend at the lake with her, her boytoy, and Mike’s brother and sis in law (they are up for a family wedding on her side), we are going to close down the house on Tuesday and head to Danville for last minute prep before our Viking Transatlantic cruise to Barcelona which leaves a week from tomorrow.

Breakfast of Champions

Courtesy of American Airlines Admirals Lounge.

Quick checkin at the counter, even quicker pass through security, long walk through duty free and now only an hour and a half til boarding. Mike is having a made from scratch bloody and I a mimosa with our last Mexican breakfast.

We have discovered we like chiquiles which are basically breakfast nachos. A layer of chips with eggs and a sauce. These don’t have chorizo but are still tasty.

Next stop DFW!