Good Morning!

We decided to try room Service breakfast on our balcony this morning. So we checked (ticked) off the items we wanted on the provided menu and hung it from our door last night for delivery between 8 and 8:15. Thankfully we woke a few minutes before the 7:58 alarm as breakfast arrived early at 7:53! I was still brushing my teeth but Mike was dressed and met the delivery man. (Who was so quick that Mike wasn’t able to give him the 2 euro tip I had laid out last night!)

Our first course was grapefruit for Mike and pineapple (with one lone blackberry) for me.

For our main dishes Mike had a ham and cheese omelet and I had ordered scrambled eggs but had also marked “easy” on the line which also offered medium and hard. Obviously those were only meant to describe fried eggs. Luckily overeasy is how I order my fried eggs so all was good. We both ordered sides of bacon, bangers, and hash browns as you can see. Inside the breadbasket is a croissant, a bran muffin and some wheat toast.

Food was all tasty and well prepared but as expected not as hot as in The Restaurant or The World Cafe…and the delicious lamb chops that have become our go-to meat order in The Restaurant weren’t available on the menu, though I bet if we’d written them in they would have come. I do wish we had of done the balcony breakfast on the second day of the cruise when it was a little warmer and not as windy but otherwise a lovely and relaxed way to start another sea day. #FirstWorldProblems

I’m off to get some laps if it isn’t too windy on the promenade deck (it was yesterday) or in the gym if it is. Then planning on spending 10-12:30 in the theatre. First lecture is by the producer of the BBC series about the Human Planet, then one on Spanish Tiles and their importance to the culture of Spain. And finally, another chance for our CruiseCritic Trivia team, The Sore Losers to live up to our name!😂

Last Sight of Land

We just left Sint Maarten headed for Funchal. ETA April 6 at noon.

Had a nice included bus tour of the island. We bought some gin and vodka at the dutyfree and rode a carousel…Neither of us could remember the last time we were on one.

There were seven ships docked: Holland American, Carnival, Seaborne, Royal Caribbean, Windstar and Sea Clipper. I’d really like to take a Windstar cruise sometime.

Loved seeing the fresh flowers being taken aboard Seaborne.

We are off to do a couple of laps on the promenade and then I’m aiming for the spa, but pool and or nap may call instead. Such tough decisions!

San Juan

Landed a little early in San Juan and got to our hotel about 9 pm. Tired after a long day but glad to be here.

It was nice to have some space on the 2 hour flight from Miami but dinner left a little to be desired.

Salad, salty twice (maybe thrice?) baked potato and salty rubber chicken with a hint of salty mushroom sauce and a dry wheat roll. #FirstWorldProblems. Thankfully the white wine was nice and not at all salty. The predinner hot nuts and G&T were tasty as was the post dinner hot snickerdoodle cookie (biscuit for my British followers) with a glass of Bailey’s!

We intend to leave the hotel by 10 or so in the morning and drop our bags at the ship and then show Lois around our 51st state before boarding the ship in the early afternoon. So I’m off to bed!


Doesn’t it figure that the first hurricane EVER to come ashore in Portugal would decide to be our welcoming party? We are supposed to be staying in Vila do Conde which is a beach town north of Porto. I’ve tried to indicate it with the red squiggles.

From what I can find online it appears the storm came ashore north of Lisbon (and therefore south of Porto) and has caused damage there and 300,000 are without power. Our Airbnb host says that the water is rough and some tree limbs down but otherwise all is good. 🤞

We are currently in the Dublin Airport Lounge where our flight is showing a 50 minute delayed departure. Hopefully that will not get extended but if it does then we will just continue to enjoy the lounge. #FirstWorldProblems


Found out day before yesterday that a lot of the pictures included in the Aberdeenshire post didn’t upload. Turns out that I’ve used all the available storage that comes with my free WordPress account. Ugh.

I’ve deleted some pictures from previous posts so that the latest batch will upload. Once I decide whether to pay for more storage or look at moving to a different host, I will let you know and be able to blog again. Until then I may be gone for a few days. For those of you who have access to Mike’s Facebook Account, he pretty much covers the same thing I do. Or follow us on instagram where we are claynmike as I will try to post more on there to I work out the issues here.

And be sure to go back to the Aberdeenshire post to see what you missed!

PS: no Nessie was seen but had a great time through the lochs and in Glasgow and arrived safely in Edinburgh today. It’s strange to just be us two again after our time with Lois and then with Jenny & Brian.