Just back from meeting with the Guest Services Manager. Disappointed that the upgrade offer from Viking was higher than what we declined three or four weeks before sailing. Makes no sense given the ship is at 56% occupancy. Seems like it would have been a good PR move for those of us who aren’t part of the 40% who took the generous cancelation offer last week. And it would have put some positive cash flow into what has to be a money losing cruise.

Oh well, our beautiful room is just fine and all it really means is I’ll be going to dinner in wrinkled shirts (the upgrade came with pressing).That will teach them!😂

We attended Trivia (11 out of 15 correct) and Name that Tune (13 out of a possible 16 points) but didn’t win. Oh well, “it’s just a game”.

The weather has worsened throughout the day so most of the time was spent reading in our cabin. It was so dreary that Mike suggested it would be a good day for tea time. So we went and enjoyed ourselves. But we only had 1.5 sandwiches and 1 scone apiece so hopefully we will still be hungry for dinner.

Our single plate of sandwiches-double decker tuna (Mike),salmon (uneaten), cucumber (split), chicken salad on pumpernickel roll (Clay)
What we left behind. Oh how I wanted that Dulce de leche tart!
Scone with proper clotted cream.
I’ve decided I like my scones the Cornish way!o

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