Day 2

Sitting on the balcony writing this having my second cup of coffee. We headed to breakfast in the Restaurant about 8:30 and were asked if we wanted to share a table. First time had that happen at breakfast…strange given how empty the ship is. We said sure and were pleasantly surprised to be seated with Fred and Susan, two fellow CruiseCritic members.

After our usual lamb chops and eggs (and a pistachio roll for me, we attempted to take a walk around the promenade. But it’s windy, a little rainy or salt water spraying so the deck was slippery. So instead I am up in the balcony enjoying the sound of the waves and the wind and the delicious in room Nespresso coffee.

I think I blogged last night that we asked about an upgrade when we boarded and had a voicemail last night telling us to come meet with the Guest Services manager today between 5-7 pm. So we haven’t yet unpacked fully. I stopped by guest services to try to get an idea of what kind of offer might be made-we don’t intend to pay anything extra for a Penthouse Veranda (that’s what we had in Asia and liked a lot but we are on a budget). We think if they offer either a Jr. suite or a man Explorer Suite for a reasonable amount we might fork over a few extra bucks just to try out them out. We will be keeping our fingers crossed. 🤞

Time to get ready to head to Trivia-wish ya luck!

2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Clay, when I was on my TA on the Viking Sea two yrs ago we alwasy did a shared table when we wanted to eat in main dining rm to for breakfast or lunch Met lovely people and for lunch it seems to be the same two couples.
    I am so looking forward to your latest blog
    . Cruising is out be me for the next years. It will be alot of crown dental work instead.


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