Almost time!

We are finishing up our packing today and Mike is at the barber getting his old man faux hawk. Lois is taking us to Greensboro airport tomorrow afternoon for our 6:30 pm flight to Miami.

Monday, we met with the flooring people and they had a sample of wood that matches what is already in the entry, dining, and kitchen. We are going to extend it to the rest of the unit except for the bathrooms which are tiled. We then also met with the painter and after reviewing the paint samples Mike had put on the walls earlier, we selected Sherwin Williams “Crushed Ice”. It’s a white that has a little bit of gray to it, it looks good with the existing builder’s beige tile and white trim. We are hoping that the paint and floor will update the condo from it’s early 2000s!

Yesterday was another long day. With the help of Lois’ Danville fireman friend, we loaded up a rental sprinter van with the few things we had stored here in Danville and unloaded them at our new place in Raleigh. After the firemen left, Mike and I got all the kitchen stuff unpacked, run through the dishwasher and into the cabinets. So we are as unpacked as we can be. Doesn’t take a lot when you don’t have much! LOL

We left the little bit of furniture (bed, chair, dining table) in the center of the dining room and kitchen so that while we are gone, the wood floor can be extended . And so it will be out of the painter’s way. Hopefully when we return in May we will be able find some furniture and get settled into our new home.

May? But wait Clay I thought you were going to be gone until June? We got a notice last week from American that our flight home in June had changed and we both read it as saying our first flight from Bilbao to Madrid was leaving late in the afternoon and we would have to overnight in Madrid. On the same day, all the One World partner’s announced a biz class sale from Paris to various places in the US. So we figured we would use the schedule change to cancel and redeposit the award points for our original flight and come back early.

So we are now booked on the same flights that our niece Madison and her friend Katie are on from Paris to Charleston (RDU wasn’t included in the sale). We will spend a few days with my brother and his wife and then take the train to Raleigh.

Unfortunately, either we read the schedule change wrong or it was a mistake originally-the schedule change was actually on our connection from Philadelphia to RDU and would have gotten us back an hour or two earlier. But since corona is playing havoc with airline schedules, we are keeping our fingers crossed that their is another schedule change that allows us to freely redeposit our points. If not then it will cost us $175 and another wasted $160 for the exit row seats we bought. But given the business class seats were only $1,291 each roundtrip we believe it is still a good exchange.

Yes, that’s right, it means we will be headed back to Paris in November and hopefully catching a deal on a cruise back before Christmas. We think we may spent a week or so and visit some Christmas markets in France and Germany. Time will tell what we end up doing.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll stay tuned as we make our third Viking transatlantic cruise!

4 thoughts on “Almost time!

  1. So happy you have a home of your own to come back to in June. Good Decision! Hope the “Magic Carpet” you purchased in Cairo is the focal center of your condo. Have a fantastic trip.


    • It will be once it has a bath. It got in muddy water during a minor flood in Lois’ basement. We will be taking to a rug place when we return. Two weeks and $200 later it will hopefully be good as new.


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