So as noted in my last post, I’m not going to be able to do blog posts on each of our stops between Vegas in late October and Raleigh in February. Instead I’m going to list our itinerary and include some pictures. Above is a map of our general routing.

10/26 Drive to Las Vegas 1 hours go through red rock canyon.

10/27 Las Vegas 10/28 Drive to Hoover Dam

10/29 Drive to Williams 3.5 hours Motel 6 Williams West. Booked with $54

10/30 Drive thru Grand Canyon to 2285 Roadrunner Road Sedona. 2 hours via cameron (loose an hour)

10/30-10/31 Sedona

11/1 -11/3 drive to 2401 E Mabel St Tucson (3:45 hours) and stay with Jeff and Ken

11/4 Drive 4 hours to Las Cruices reserved Drury Inn $116 cancelable

11/5 Drive 4 hours to Santa Fe Hyatt, booked with Mike’s Promo

11/9 someplace halfway to Arlington

11/10 -11/11 Dallas

Houston 11/12-11/28 Houston 1100 Augusta Drive 28, Houston, TX 77057,

11/29 Baton Rouge

11/30 Biloxi with Chris and Jen

12/1 Tallahassee

12/2 Winter Park with Barry

12/3 Fort Lauderdale

12/4 – 12/11 Hollan American Veendam

12/12-12/13 Greenville, SC

12/14-12/27 Danville, VA (Mike’s Family) and a weekend in Raleigh

12/27-12/30 Ladson, SC (Clay’s family)

12/31 Richmond,VA – New Years Eve with Frances and Larry

1/1/20-1/27/20 Arlington, Va -Visit with Yost and Sam

1/27-2/23 Raleigh, NC

2/23-3/5 Danville, VA

Beautiful but windy and freezing day at the Grand Canyon
Incredible to see the cave houses on our drive from Sedona to Tucson
Great stay (and desert sunset) in Tucson with Jeff and Ken
Beautiful downtown Santa Fe
The 48oz steak challenge at Big Texan. We elected to watch rather than compete!
Cadillac Ranch on the way to Dallas
Texas BBQ with Karen in Dallas
Visits with Houston friends and a haircut!

Short visit in Beaumont to visit Clay’s aunt and meet her great grandchild
Overnight with Mike’s brother and family in Biloxi
So glad to get some south in our mouth!
Overnight with Clay’s college chum Barry and his family in their just renovated mid century house in Winter Park, Florida
Lunch with Clay’s coworker from our Key West days, Verlie (and her boytoy Sam) on the way to the cruise
Holland America Veendam, our home for a cheap week
Fun in Greenville with longtime friends Klase and Claudia
After 15,466 road miles, 7,986 air miles, 921 train miles and 7,647 nautical miles on ships, we made it back to Danville, Virginia
It was great to have a real kitchen to do some Christmas baking
Visit with Jane at her new place in Raleigh-hard to believe a year ago we spent time with her before Christmas in Kentucky
Fun time seeing a Christmas play in Raleigh
Christmas dinner at Mike’s mom’s
Fun times with Clay’s brother and family after Christmas
New Years Eve in Richmond with Frances (and Larry)
Fun times in the DC area with friends, former coworkers and museums
Great reconnecting with George and Doug in Raleigh
Clay enjoyed Galentines with former Heery coworkers
Fun lunch with Linda while in Raleigh
Cheered the Carolina Hurricanes (hockey) to victory one night
And the perfect snow….Beautiful one day, gone the next!

Just finished packing so once we move our few things into our new place on Tuesday we should be ready to go on Thursday. Hope you’ll tag along. I’ll be trying to post as we go.

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