Death Valley

This post is being written in February long after the events described below which took place in October 2020

For those of you expecting a post about Las Vegas, my apologies. When I closed out the Yosemite entry, I forgot that we went through Death Valley to get to Vegas. So that will be the next post…I promise!

As with our other visits to parks, we stayed at one edge of the park (this time barely inside at Panamit Springs) and after our day in the park on the other side-in this case Pahrump Oasis (poor man’s Vegas!).

On the drive from Oakhurst California where we spent the night of our Yosemite day, we drove through the California green belt-mile after mile of irrigated fruit trees and we even saw the anti Devin Nunes sign that his cow had told me about on Twitter!

Shortly thereafter we noticed a lot of planes parked at an airport and thought perhaps we had found all the 737 Max planes that had been taken out of service. Turns out some of them were there but also lots of other planes in the graveyard and parked here for maintenance.

We then drive cross country through what was about a ghost town which he once served as the processing center for all the borax mined in Death Valley. We also watched our odometer turn over from 9999.9 miles hoping to see 10,000 miles…imagine our disappointment when it flipped to 0.1! So after 161 days, we had driven 10,000 miles

We soon reached Panamit Springs which had some camp sites as well as small cabins. While small and rustic, it was a nice stop for the night and the stars after dark were just incredible. The title picture of this post was taken as the sunset behind us and turned our view of the mountain to a beautiful pink.

We were up early the next morning and started our drive through America’s desert. What a desolate landscape!

We stopped at what is left of one of the Borax mines. Interesting that something that was once such an important commodity is now difficult to find and hardly ever used.

Our next stop was Badwater Basin, Death Valley’s salt flats. This was the first place we first felt real heat. It got up into the 90s, I can’t imagine what it is like in the middle of summer! I guess that is part of what packs the salt so hard.

Badwater Basin is located 282 feet (855 meters) below sea level. The white circle below is around a sign up the mountains marking sea level.

On our way from the salt flats we took a couple of mile (roundtrip) hike to see Death Valley’s natural bridge. Amazing to see the path water created.

Our last stop inside Death Valley was to see Artists Palette-a scientifically explainable phenomenon which creates colored terrain along this drive near the bottom of the mountains.

After leaving the park, we drove to Pahrump Oasis where we stayed at our cheapest hotel accommodations to date-$35 at a Casino Hotel. We even ate their buffet. It was nothing special (and certainly not a feast!) but after a long day in the car and the tiring hike in the heat, we enjoyed the cheap evening and went to bed early. Next post will be about our four day stay in Las Vegas-our first! Will it be our last?

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