Federal Way to Yosemite

This post is being written in February about our roadtrip last October)

After a great two days in Federal Way with Andy (including a delicious prime rib dinner, great conversation and Autumn leaves), Mike and I found ourselves back in the car headed south and then east.

Among our stops, we will finish out our visits to the big National Parks with stops at Yosemite, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon. We also will also visit Las Vegas, Sedona, Tucson, Santa Fe and Dallas before getting to Houston in November for doctor and friend visits. From there we will continue East towards Florida for a cheap early December cruise and then back to Danville for Christmas and to Charleston just afterwards.

In order to get the blog caught up before we leave in less than two weeks, I’m only going to hit the highlights. If you see someplace we have been that you’d like to know more about, drop me a comment and I’ll be glad to answer any questions.

After a lovely night in the Anchor Inn and RV Park in Oakridge Oregon, we made a stop at Crater Lake where we saw snow for the first time in awhile.

Amazing how tall the edge of road markers have to be!

We drove through mile after mile of fruit trees fruit fields and stopped and bought some along the way. We soon entered California and were taken aback by the high price of gasoline! Thankfully we filled up in Oregon and only had to buy one tank of gas while in the state.

We spent a night in Lee Vining as our entrance point to Yosemite. It is on the dry side of the Sierra Range and is located on a huge lakebed that is slowly drying up. Los Angeles used to take water from here but a relatively recent lawsuit stopped that so they are hopeful that someday there will be a wet period and it will fill back up.

We got up early (very!) the next morning and headed into Yosemite through Tioga Pass. This steep (also very!) road up to the Yosemite High Country was a beautiful drive.

The sun rising behind our backs as we headed up the Tioga Road

Our first view of Yosemite from Olmsted (yes that Olmsted and his son) Point.

We continued through the park and stopped to take in the beauty. Unfortunately, many of the waterfalls had finished for the season and those that were running were a trickle of what they do in the spring and early summer. Will just have to go back sometime!

After our ride through the valley and a short hike across the grasslands, we stopped at the Ahwahnee. Like the places in Yellowstone it is beautiful, unlike them it’s on a more intimate scale. I would love to stay here sometime.

From the lodge we headed uphill (way uphill!) to Glacier Point to get an overview of the park from this high point on the opposite side of the park from Olmsted. Beautiful views of Half Dome but boy is it a long way down! Hard to believe those folks back in the olden days not only hiked up but then climbed out on the cantilevered rock.

After getting our breath back, we headed for our last stop of the day, Mariposa Grove to see the Giant Sequoias. Wow, just wow. Not much else I can say!

We left Yosemite just before dark after a long but great day. Yosemite is beautiful but did not impress us as much as Yellowstone. Perhaps we have become jaded? Perhaps the lack of wildlife? Or maybe if we had of been there in the spring when the waterfalls were at full power? I guess we will just have to go back. But first, Las Vegas! Our first time there…will it be our last? Stay tuned to find out.

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