Packed 😢

Even though we have gotten rid of a pair of shoes and a couple of shirts, we had to pull out the folding bag to meet the maximum weight requirements for the flight back tomorrow! That wasn’t an issue on the cruise over or on our Hainan flight from Osaka to Xi’an as they allowed a 70 pound bag.

Anyway, just finished a final load in the launderette so everything is clean and Mike is showering for our final dinner aboard Orion at the Chef’s Table

We had a good tour of Hong Kong and would like to come back and really explore sometime.

After dinner, we are looking forward to the light show the island does each evening and then we will rush to our rooms and pack away our dress clothes and put the bags out.

Tomorrow Viking is providing us a day room at an airport hotel so we are going to try to start our biological clocks moving back to Pacific Time by sleeping in the afternoon and staying awake in our 11:35 pm flight to Seattle. We are scheduled to arrive Friday night, 2.5 hours before we leave Hong Kong! So it will be about bedtime when we get to our friend Andy’s.

Sorry for not catching up the blog but I hope to do so as we continue our roadtrip once we get back. In the meantime, I will do some a la minute posts tomorrow and when we get back to the USA.

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