Sorry that I can do real posts I think thr Great Firewall of China is keeping me from posting via hotel internet and my low band data keeps the pictures from uploading using my T-Mobile service (text, email, etc. ) works fine.

We had a great time in Xi’an including the Terra Cotta Warriors and riding bikes on the city wall-videos coming!

Then the bullet train to Beijing. We tried to conquer the Great Wall but it sorta conquered us. We only did 1/3 of the hike we had planned but it was amazing! Can’t wait to share pictures though I don’t think it’s possible to share the enormity of it without seeing in person.

Yesterday was the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and they celebrated big time. 2.5 hour parade in the morning and a 1.5 hour pageant in the evening that made their last Olympic Opening Ceremony look like a high school football half time show!

We changed hotels today to connect with the Viking pre-cruise extension. Tomorrow morning we will visit the zoo and summer palace followed by lunch and a stop at the Lama Temple.

On Friday, we tour Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden Palace before being transferred to our ship in Tianjin about 2 hours away. Hopefully the ship’s internet will allow me to resume with real posts.

If not then, when we return to the States, I will have some catching up to do!

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