From Portland to Federal Way

We just got to our friend Andy’s in Federal Way (between Seattle & Tacoma) about 5:30 after a nice drive up from Portland. We are spending tonight here and the car is staying while we are in Asia.

We packed up this morning and left the apartment about 11, ran the bug covered Mazda through a car wash and finally had breakfast about noon.

We ate at a Northwest local chain, Elmer’s. I had their “German” pancake. I think it is made like a giant fallen popover (Yorkshire Pudding) that they serve several ways-I chose traditional-with lemon and butter! It was very tasty-I tried a little syrup and it was too sweet. Needless to say it was waaay bigger than I expected but given we barely had enough dinner last night (as we had misjudged how much food we were going to have leftover) and it was late so I was Hongry!

From Elmer’s we headed north with a short stop at Mount St. Helens. The visitor’s center showed a movie about the 1980 eruption. It was amazing to be reminded on the power of the earthquakes and eruption. The flume from the eruption went up 10 miles!

As you can see from below, the eruption caused one side of the mountain to slide away. This and the resulting mudslide caused forests to be destroyed around the mountain. The ash storm caused significant long term damage.

We are now off to dinner with Andy and he will drop us at the station for our 7:45 am train to Vancouver.

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