On the way to Jasper

(Reminder: this post is being published well after our visit here, we are currently in Portland Oregon until Sept 4th)

We spent one night each in Edmonton and Hinton on our way to Jasper National Park. Some readers may be wondering why it is taking us so long to drive between our stops. There are two reasons, after about two hours in a car I get very uncomfortable and need to take a break. So we typically have a leisurely breakfast, drive until time for lunch, then drive another couple of hours and arrive at our next accommodation about checkin time.

The second reason is: we can and what else do we have to do? LOL

We didn’t do much in Edmonton except have some tasty bbq!

In Hinton the big event was being attacked by the bear as shown in the title picture! LOL. Amazing what grocery stores have to draw attention to themselves.

We did enjoy an evening walk around the Beaver Pond in Hinton. This series of boardwalks is well used by locals and the few tourists as well. While we didn’t see any beavers (reportedly there are only two) we did see their handiwork! Hard to believe two little animals could create such a big pond.

At one point we had to leave the boardwalk and walk through the woods. There were warnings about real bears so we tried to do as told and make noise and clap and such. At one point we noticed ravens were following us, we figured they knew these two fools were about to get killed and they wanted the leftovers. You can hear how loud they were in the video below:

Luckily we made it safely back to the pond. I loved some of the wildflowers we around it.

We got back to the hotel early and tried to as my Dad used to say “sleep fast”. Tomorrow is Jasper National Park and like at Yellowstone we hoped an early start would result in some animal sightings.

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