Condon Montana

(Reminder: this post is being published well after our visit, we are currently in Portland Oregon until Sept 4th)

After 8 nights on the road in some less than palatial hotels, we were thrilled when we got to our friend Gail’s house in Condon, Montana and the beautiful view from her front porch above. The view from the back isn’t so bad either!

And the house looks exactly as one would expect for a log home in Montana including the many animals hunted by her husband Rick.

Gail and I met years ago in Raleigh and she even lived with me for a month so in my first house when she was between an apartment and her first house. So that’s right, she predates Mike!

Gail happened to pull out some pictures of the trip she took with us and Mike’s Mom, Lois to New York just before a Christmas in the nineties. It’s not fair that Lois and Gail look the same while Mike and I have aged so poorly!

We surprised Lois with a horse drawl carriage ride ( yeah I know, but back then we thought the horses enjoyed it!) and even took along champagne and flutes! We was fancy!

Gail left NC several years ago and ended staying in Montana and shortly thereafter she met and married Rick-in fact they got married just before Mike and I in 2014. I found out when I called to invite her to Raleigh! LOL

We had a great visit with them both. Getting to know Rick and picking up with Gail like we had seen her yesterday…rather than the seven or eight years it had been!

They were great hosts sharing both their home and their love is Montana. Stay tuned to see some of the places we toured with them, including Glacier National Park.

Oops, almost forgot our third host, Poppy!

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