Beartooth Highway

(Reminder: this post is being published well after our visit, we are currently in Portland Oregon until Sept 4th)

In order to reach Yellowstone, we had to go up and over Beartooth Mountain. Charles Kuralt called the Beartooth Highway the most beautiful drive in America and I think he might have been right! Unfortunately, because of the hairpin turns and the heights, Mike mostly gripped the armrest and the door handle I kept my eyes on the road so we don’t have a lot of pictures. But trust us, it was amazing.

As we neared the top, we hit the ice pack and COLD! It was about 38 degrees at 8:30 am according to the Mazda thermometer, brrrr.

The ride down wasn’t quite as thrilling and we soon reached Yellowstone! Because of the number of pictures we took, there will be at least one post about each day we spent there. So be sure and come back tomorrow for Bear!!!

2 thoughts on “Beartooth Highway

  1. The Beartooth Pass is awesome !
    We had car problems in WY and had to get to Billings MT for a part. We drove through Yellowstone at night to MT and the Beartooth Highway. We stopped in a national forrest for a couple of hrs of sleep. We were at Pass at dawn!!!! We then drove down to Red Lodge for a great breakfast then on to Billings.
    The Mountains out West are spectacular !

    I am loving your land trip blog this year.


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