Pride with Dr. Barrett

(Reminder: this post is being published well after our visit, we are currently in Portland Oregon until Sept 4th)

We had a fun time on our last full day in Chicago attending the Gay Pride parade with Dr. Tommy Barrett and his hubby Rich, Rebecca and Karol (his first!) and one of Rich’s students. That’s all of us but Rich (well that’s his finger in the upper left corner 😂) below at the parade.

The parade had the usual mix of corporate floats and bar sponsored ones, like the one below which was covered with flowers, I thought for a minute we were at the Tournament of Roses parade.

Dr. Barrett and Mike spent most of the parade catching up rather than enjoying the sights. I guess each of us shows our pride in different ways.

The most impressive group at the parade to me was the huge crowd of churches. They were several blocks long!

I loved watching this little girl on her Dad’s shoulders. When she wasn’t waving to those marching she spent her time playing with her flag as you can see in the video.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and a storm arrived so we had to leave before the end of the parade. Lightening got so bad they actually canceled the end of it. Before we left we tried unsuccessfully to take a selfie of the group, Tommy is missing but you can at least see Rich.

Dr. Barrett and Rich had everyone plus others back to their lovely home for a barbecue. Unfortunately I failed to take pictures as Dr. Barrett had me working hard to help Rich with the food (“Clay, come gay up this platter”) while Dr. Barrett socialized and kept the party fun. But below is one of the delicious pound cake his Mom sent. Apparently the freezer is stacked with them in reverse chronological order but when she learned that this cake was for Mike she insisted we get s fresh one, not one from 2009! Boy was it tasty!

Spending the day with family and friends and enjoying Rich and Tommy’s delicious food, great hospitality and meeting their fun friends was a great way to finish our short stay in Chicago.

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