(Reminder: this post is being published well after our visit, we are currently in Portland Oregon until Sept 4th)

Poor Mike, last year he had to spend his birthday in the Copenhagen airport overnight. This year he had the joy of spending the day or at least part of it at the Chinese visa office in Chicago.

If you would like to imagine what it is like just visualize the worst DMV office you ever visited and make 85% of people there speak a different language and throw in a few screaming babies. The good news is they say the visas will be ready in four days. This is much better than the alternative which was to mail our passports to a service who would have them back in 4-5 weeks which meant we would not be able to travel to the Canadian Rockies as we had hoped. Oh and it would’ve cost an extra $200 per person!

We were very pleased when we returned to the DMV office on Monday morning and picked up our passports with the visas attached.

China here we come!

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