Grand Rapids

(Reminder: this post is being published well after our visit, we are currently in Portland Oregon until Sept 4th)

After a painful crossing of the border into the United States (Apparently one of the great leader’s minions was working the lane we happened to so select and decided he needed to look in every one of our bins and suitcases for contraband. It felt like these two US citizens were not really welcomed home.😢)we drove to Grand Rapids to spend the night.

Some of you may be wondering why we cover such a small distance each day. We have discovered that after four or five hours a day in a car that we are pretty miserable. Therefore we try to plan for about four hours of road time each day. That allows us to not rush to leave wherever we are in the morning stop and have lunch and arrive well before suppertime so we can explore wherever it is we are spending the next night.

In Grand Rapids we visited the Gerald Ford presidential museum making this the third presidential facility we have visited. In each case one learns or is it least reminded about each of our presidents.

Mike enjoyed a quick dance with Betty.

The museum in Grand Rapids is located on the river across from downtown and the Ford’sburial plot has a lovely view to the City

After a nice stay at the Drury Inn (love their supper and breakfast but most of all their staff), we made a quick stop at the Meyer May House near downtown. This was a house Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the owner of a clothing store. It is one of the best restored and maintained if his works we have visited. This is mostly due Steelcase (office furniture) who are headquartered in Grand Rapids. The tours are free and we highly recommend trying to visit this house. Our original plan was to do a drive by as we had to get to chicago in time to apply for our Chinese visas. But we asked and were lucky that one of the docents agreed to take us on an abbreviated tour.

I loved the bit of gold or bronze which made the fireplace sparkle.

The skylights that lit (along with the windows) the living room were beautiful.

The house is now used by Steelcase for customer entertainment…would love to be invited to a dinner here. The intimacy created by the four builtin lights at the corners of the table is just Wow!

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