(Reminder: this post is being published well after our visit here, we are currently in Portland Oregon until Sept 4th)

Leaving Leamington we had a short drive almost directly north through the heartland of Ontario to reach Sarnia. Sarnia is located on Lake Huron and just across the river from Port Hurron Michigan. The lighthouse in the picture above is in the USA.

We were here for about a week and a half and stayed in an Airbnb ( that was the basement apartment of a suburban house. One of our first audience was to the local farmers market where we purchased some delicious tomatoes and other fresh vegetables and saw the interesting colored peppers below.Another day we drove north east around Lake Hearon for a visit to one of the many beaches. While it was warming up it still was a little too cool for us to go swimming. One day we took a sightseeing cruise down the river. Sarnia’s primary industry is related to oil so alot of the river on the Canadian side is mostly lined with refineries. There are however some summer cottages along both the Canadian and US banks as well as a Canadian island in the middle of the river. Unfortunately the houses and their docks are being greatly impacted by the rising water levels. Sarnia has a great walk along the river that starts at Lake Huron and continues past most of downtown. We spent several days walking various portions of the river. It was interesting to think that we were so very close to the USA.

I was surprised to see this sign, I guess they wanted to make sure that everyone used the same place. There were actually steps down to the river so that scattering would be easier.

On our last Friday in Sarnia we went to a local fish shack for the Friday fish fry. As in the other Canadian places the choices were perch or pickerel both were quite tasty. The restaurant was located right on the docks and we enjoyed the beautiful day. Unfortunately, the docks too were impacted by the high water.

After all that fish we took another walk along the river before saying goodbye to Canada for a while.

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