After our easy drive from Hamilton to Leamington, we checked into our Airbnb there (https://abnb.me/eKicEXVEKY) located over a restaurant specializing in fied fish. While some reviews of the apartment had mentioned the smell of fried fish was a major negative , we found the perfum to be enjoyable! The picture below was taken from the balcony which overlooks the outdoor seating area where they had live music on weekend afternoons. I enjoyed sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine! In the background you can see Lake Erie. Unfortunately, it’s level is also up (like Lake Ontario) and when the wind blew from the south, the road was flooded in a few spots. We saw a number of houses with piers where their piers were under water.

The apartment is located about a five minute drive from Pointe Pelee which is the southern most point in continental Canada. The title picture above and those below were taken when we visited the National Park (the first in Canada) one day.

That’s the pointe in the picture below. The park was nice but the point was inundated with stable flies (what my grandfather used to call biting flies). You can see how many there were attacking Mike’s jeans. Away from the point much of the park is a wetlands and we saw many birds and beautiful lily pads and no flies thank goodness!One other day we took the ferry to Pelee Island which is the southernmost inhabited land in Canada. It is located very close to the imaginary border with the USA which runs through the middle of Lake Erie.

After a tasty lunch at the oldest house (above) we walked to the Vineyard (below) and took a winetasting tour. The island is at the same latitude as Napa and Tuscany so they claim that their wine is just as “tasty. “. I am not sure that I agree, but we enjoyed ourselves.

It was great to relax on the lake and have a comfortable apartment in which to do so. Leamington used to be famous for its Heinz Ketchup but that was closed a while back though there appears to be a smaller company still making ketchup there. We did enjoy good fresh vegetables from a local farmers market. And we had fish one day for lunch at our host’s courtyard. They serve perch and pickerel (like Pike). Both were tasty but I especially liked Canadian Cole slaw. It’s vinegar based and for those that know me, the marinade tasted like it was made like the refrigerator pickles I make.

After a week here we headed to what be our final stop in Canada (at least on in this leg of our adventure), Sarnia located beside Lake Huron.

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