Sorry for the long delay in posting. I have intended to do a single combined post covering each of the places we stayed in Canada but after we left the last one we have pretty much been traveling each day and there I never got around to it. And now it’s too much to do in one sitting so will do short separate posts instead.

As you may recall we had initially planned on spending a month or more in Chicago to visit family and friends but due to high airbnb taxes imposed by the City we ended up spending just over a month in Canada staying beside Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

After leaving Lockport (May 31) we headed north through the Canadian border to Hamilton. The Canadian border agent gave us s funny look when I responded to his question of where we were staying with my answer of Hamilton, Leamington and Sarnia. None of these are known as vacation hotspots!But they were affordable and we enjoyed our time in all three.

Our Airbnb ( https://abnb.me/JadSvzNVFY) in Hamilton was the upstairs unit of a house across the street from the beach shown above. Unfortunately when on the beach if one looked left and right all you saw were the lovely power lines. But we did appreciate the nicely paved walkway that ran the entire length of the beach (5 miles?).

Hamilton is an industrial city about an hour south of Toronto and has it’s own harbor off of Lake Ontario. The spit of land where we were staying is directly on the lake and apparently used to have a very nice beach.

However, climate change and rising sea levels have also caused the lake levels to rise and resulted in the narrowing of the beach. Flooded basements are also an issue around the lakes and directly across from our apartment there was a sump pump running 24/7 to remove water from the underground storm water system. Unfortunately we experienced these high lake levels for the remainder of our time in Canada.

After the weeks of eating out it was great to have a kitchen and be able to cook again. We found a great grocery store nearby that had an Incredible selection of meats, cheeses and desserts. It also appeared to have a eastern European clientele so we were able to purchase pierogies and other unusual foods.

One of the benefits of traveling is meeting people and later being able to stay in touch. In 2010 we cruised on the Norwegian Sun and met Ilene and Ump. Since then Ump and I have exchanged cruise related emails occasionally. When we were headed to Hamilton I emailed and we decided a lunch meeting was in order. They live just north of Toronto and so we met halfway (actually they drove further than we did) for a great visit. It was fun to catch up and hear about each other’s travels and future plans.

While we spent most days at or near the Airbnb we did go into Hamilton proper one afternoon to meet three of the people who will be on our cruise to Japan later in September for an afternoon cocktail. This was fun and should make the 16 days on the transpacific cruise more enjoyable.

Hamilton’s downtown has some pretty parts as well as some sections that could do with a fluff. But we were very impressed with some of the historic buildings particularly the electric company.

Before we left Hamilton after our week at the beach we had a nice lunch on a sunny day at the Greek restaurant located directly on the beach.

On our way out of town we stopped at the farmers market in downtown Hamilton. In addition to beautiful fruits and vegetables there are butchers and flower vendors and of course baristas. We however elected to have Sam make what the sign described as the best muffuletta in town for us to have as a picnic later. It was tasty but not as good as those in New Orleans. We stopped at one of the many small waterfalls outside of Hamilton for our picnic.

After a couple of hours driving through fields along the north side of Lakes Ontario and Erie we arrived at our next home-over a seafood restaurant!

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