Happy Independence Day!

Sorry my post about our three weeks in Canada isn’t written yet nor about our four days in Chicago for Mike’s Birthday but will try to get them done soon. But we have been going pretty hard so no time to stop and write.

We are currently in Mundelein Illinois, a chicago burb almost in Wisconsin at our friend’s Larry & Doug’s. They are hosting a bbq for the fourth later this afternoon so we have all just finishing prepping so we can all relax! Mike and I made insalada caprese on a stick (yes I know it’s Italian but…) and broccoli salad. Larry has made guacamole and Doug just finished a red, white and blue trifle. He also has made a fruit salad (Mike and I pitted the cherries) and roasted veggies and potatoes. The brats and burgers are all that are left to do….oh yeah and the signature cocktail. He is getting that ready now.

Yesterday we left Mundelein and had breakfast at Frank’s Diner in Kenosha. Their specialty is a garbage plate- potatoes, eggs, meat and cheese all griddled together. It was yummy! We each ordered a half size but I also ordered a cinnamon roll so I brought half home and had for breakfast this morning.

After breakfast we drive another 30 minutes to Milwaukee and spent some time at the Art Museum designed by Calatrava the Spanish architect who designed the City of Arts & Sciences in Valencia. It was hazy but that only added to the mystique of the sculpture like museum. We were there at noon when the wings flapped. The time lapse video compressed in 12 seconds what took 3-5 minutes. The sunscreen helps shade the large pavilion that serves as the main entry for the museum.

After a stop at the historic Pfister Hotel for a cooling beverage, we headed to The Domes-a botanical garden built in the late 50s/early 60s. One dome is tropical, one the desert and the third is season. We all loved the tropical one except for the humidity!

After the domes, our hosts took us to a speakeasy that opened during prohibition. There is no cocktail menu, if you don’t have something already in mind you tell them what you like and they make a cocktail from their Rolodex of over 450 recipes. Both of mine were gin based and very tasty!

Aviation cocktail

The Last Word cocktail

We leave here tomorrow headed for Racine, Wisconsin to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson office complex and then on towards Talesin, his homestead. After that we head to Mount Rushmore and will visit Yellowstone before we get to our friend Gail’s in Montana on July 12th where we will stay a while.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday and remember my new motto:

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