On our Way.

We finished packing the car and left Lois’s house about 8:50 this morning. As you can see the car is full! Thankfully most of the stuff in the backseat will he staying at Yost & Sam’s. We are bringing meatloaf for dinner tonight (and another for their freezer) and on Sunday, their Mom’s and kids are coming for enchiladas (and we have more for their freezer). Let’s hope they are good since we have never made them before! LOL

We just finished burrito bowls for lunch at Qdoba in Charlottesville and after a quick stop at AAA to pick up an atlas we will be back on the road to Washington-should be there by three.

4 thoughts on “On our Way.

  1. So excited about your new adventure! Safe travels and looking forward to reading and seeing photos of your trip. Truth be told, I couldn’t be trusted with meatloaf in the car, a sandwich would be calling me. Enjoy!!


    • You could be trusted with this one. It was uncooked and frozen! After 7 hours in the car/on the counter it was still frosty so took extra long to cook but was tasty….but don’t ask about the mess the boiled over potatoes and cream made. But after cleanup and mashing they were still good and enjoyed I think.

      How far are you from Lockport NY?


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