Rome Day Three

Sorry to be so late in posting this about our final day in Rome but have been busy planning our next adventure!

As you will recall we did the first half of Rick Steve’s “Heart of Rome” audio walking tour on Tuesday but stopped at the Pantheon. So this morning we started there by having breakfast in one of the many cafes on the Piazza Della Rotunda. Our view of what is my favorite building in Rome (maybe the world) is above. We also got to watch an Asian couple have their wedding pictures made..harks back to all those Asian brides and grooms in Santorini year!

After breakfast, we went inside and listened to Mr. Steve’s description of this ancient building-the largest concrete dome in the world and it was built over 2000 years ago!

We then left through the porch held up by giant single piece (most columns are made up of several sections) granite columns imported from Egypt (again this was 2000 years ago-so amazing!) and turned right and walked (listening to Rick tell us about the various sights-including the original Rome coffee shop, Hadrian’s column (or was it Trajan’s) and an old arcade) towards the Trevi Fountain.

As expected the crowds at the fountain were huge but Lois really enjoyed herself-she hadn’t realized it filled a whole block so she kept saying, it’s so big and beautiful.

We all threw at least one coin in the fountain to assure our return. Lois did one more for love- We wouldn’t let her throw the third one for marriage!

This was the first time we had seen the fountain since Valentino paid to have it cleaned. It really is so much prettier without all the years of black on it.

From there we walked to the Spanish Steps. They too remain beautiful.

By this point our Pantheon breakfast was gone so we started looking for lunch. Lois was pulled in by one of the sidewalk cafe hawkers and we sat down and had a lovely seafood meal.

Lois had shrimp cocktail and soup while Mike and I shared an anti pasta plate. We then each had the special-delicious pasta cooked with clams, mussels, shrimp, fish, langoustines, tomatoes, wine and garlic all served (and cooked) in a swan.Everything was so delicious except for the complimentary lemon cello which Lois didn’t like!

After Lois said goodbye to her sidewalk cafe hawking boyfriend, we headed back towards the apartment.

Along our walk, we happened upon a little church so we went in-as with most in Rome, it was beautiful.

After getting back to the apartment, we rested and finalized our packing. Later that evening Lois wasn’t hungry but Mike and I were so we headed back to the same restaurant we had our first meal. Of course it wasn’t as good but we still enjoyed it. We arrived too late for the apertivo special so while we paid more we had one last aperol spritz and a mixed plate of bruschetta and then split a bowl of cacio y pepe. It made for a fine “Last Supper” on Holy Thursday when everyone in Rome was celebrating the original “Last Supper!”

One more post to write on this trip – a summary of the differences we saw in Viking and Lois’ overall impressions. Hope to get it published later this week as we leave next week on our next adventure!

Stay tuned for details!

4 thoughts on “Rome Day Three

  1. Your food porn is making me very hungry. I’m leaving next week for France and will be having a spritz the first day. Can’t wait to hear where you are going next.


  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics of Rome. Lois looks so happy viewing these sites for the first time. Where’s your next adventure?


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