Barcelona Day 2

As longtime readers will recall, Mike and I were in Barcelona last November (2018) during our transatlantic cruise. I’m not going to post many pictures on this post but you can read and see lots of pictures about Barcelona here: 3 Days in Barcelona.

This visit was to let Lois see a city that she has heard about from both of us as well as her other son Chris and his family after their visit last May. When Mike and I toured Sagrada Familia last, we used their audio guides and were pleased with the commentary. This year we elected to have a live guide and I also enjoyed hearing her commentary. However,I think I preferred the audio guide as I was able to move at my own speed. With the live guide, we went through the whole facility relatively quickly (50 minutes) and then went back and revisited some spaces. The best part of the live guide was being able to ask questions. Whichever method you do, either will be educational.

We got to see the entire nave this time all the way to the front doors. This was the first time I had seen the holy water fonts.

I hope we will be back to see it completed. Below is a photo of the model showing it finished. They say the building will be done by 2026 (they say it with their 🤞) but our guide said it will take more years to have the decoration of the Glory (front) facade finished. I predict it will finally be finished in 2052 to celebrate Gaudi’s 200th Birthday so I fear I won’t be around and if I am, not sure at 94 I’ll be up to coming😢😂

But even if it’s not finished, it is so incredible outside and in!

From Sagrada Familia, we walked a few blocks to a local Catalana restaurant recommended by TripAdvisor hoping for a meal of the day. Unfortunately they only served tapas and main courses (no sides or salads🤪) but what we had was very tasty.

This is Lois’ “pork chop” which we all decided was bbq ribs. Very tasty, the sauce had cinnamon and honey. The second dish was a “Catalana Roast”-pork, meatballs and chicken. It too was tasty.

The Owner’s husband was our greeter and waiter and he shared with us the legend behind each of the cartoons on the placemat. We laughed the most about Caganer. It is a figurine whose name translates as The Crapper or even more literally, The Sh*tter! Apparently he is to remind us that what the earth gives us we give back. It is traditional for him to be hidden in large nativity scenes much like we hide a pickle on a Christmas tree. In modern times, you can buy Caganers with the faces of political or sports figures. We can’t wait to wait until it’s time to set up our nativity!

After lunch we returned to our apartment and had a much needed salad for supper!

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