Final Tea 😒

We purposely didn’t have dessert at lunch today so that we would have room for tea. How’s that for good planning?

Today is our last sea day and we have done a little bit of work and a little bit of relaxing. After a leisurely breakfast in the Restaurant (we half and halfed lamb chops and steak with eggs) And our walk on the promenade, I started a load of wash and went to Trivia while Mike showered and moved the clothes.

We lost again though I was one of only two people in the theatre (the other was Jenna, the Cruise Director) who knew the name of the 1992 Release that is the world’s best selling soundtrack. Can’t believe everybody didn’t know it was The Bodyguard!

We then had lunch watching the water over the stern. We split a burger and made some nachos from the poolside bar they had special today.

After lunch we folded and packed our bags with everything but our clothes for tomorrow and Thursday. 😒. We then attended a small talk by one of our fellow Cruisecritics who is also a music critic. He gave us some insight into the concert we are attending Thursday night in Barcelona.

So now we are having a late dessert! I just love their scones. We taste tested and decided we like Devon scones better than Cornwall. Special thanks to Jenny & Brian to introducing us (when we visited them in Aberdeenshire last Fall) to milk in our tea. I never really liked tea before, but now I do.

Off to relax on the balcony until time to eat again! LOL (FYI, we didn’t eat all the sandwiches and desserts on the tiered platter)

2 thoughts on “Final Tea 😒

  1. Fond memories of afternoon tea.
    Also fond memories of a music concert in Barcelona at the famous music palace. It has a great area for wine and light fare before the concert. Also a great little musem shop too.


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