Cadiz (don’t forget it rhymes with Gladys)

Had a lovely walking tour of Cadiz this morning. Rain threatened but didn’t actually appear until we were back aboard😄

Since I believe my blog last year reported fairly throughly in this beautiful small city, today I just took pictures I found interesting.

How to handle a problem like Maria

One stall on the street of flowers

Like Mother, like Son

Jeez, I wish these tourists would go home

The market and towers-there are 131 of these left. They used to be used by companies watching for their ships coming into port.

Interesting building details

Wowsa, he has some abs!

After a light lunch aboard ship, I took advantage of the port day spa discount and the onboard credit provided by our Travel Agent (ask me if you need her contact info) and had a great massage!

We should be leaving any minute and if we do and the Captain makes the full steam ahead he has promised we should be passing Gibraltar right at dusk🤞

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