Table 1

WhooHoo! Mike and I were seated at The penultimate table in The Restaurant on Viking Sea where we are almost to Madeira. Lois had some mal de mer today so she stayed in her cabin most of the day. We brought her crackers, cheese and ginger ale from the buffet for dinner. She says she is feeling better and is looking forward to Funchal Portugal tomorrow when we arrive on Madeira Island.

We each had a wonderful Vietnamese Summer roll (with incredible sauce), tasty Tom Kai Gai, and then we halved & halved prime rib and lamb chops. All quite delish!

Now we are back in the room and are going to watch a movie rather than go to the show tonight-probably The Wife. We watched The Favorite the other afternoon so we will see if Glen was indeed robbed by Olivia! 😂

Our location at 9:15 pm ship’s time (4:15 pm ESDT)

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