Long time followers will remember that on last year’s Transatlantic, due to a kitchen timing issue Mike ended up with two whole lobsters on lobster night.

Lois heard about this and we believe that was the primary driver for her coming on this cruise.

When we boarded, we checked on the Viking app and none of the menus called for lobster, only surf and turf-a filet and a tail. We asked the restaurant manager John the Scot (we met him on last year’s cruise and reconnected early on this one) about it and he said the app was wrong and that the surf and turf was at the cooking station tonight on the Aquavit Terrace outside near the buffet and that it would be whole whole lobster in the restaurant.  So we changed our Chef’s Table reservations so we would dine tonight in the main dining room for the lobster.

We went in tonight and indeed the menu said it was surf and turf. No biggie, we all ordered (figuring I’d give one of them my tail and be fine with the filet. After we ordered and after our appetizers there seemed to be a delay.  Suddenly the Scotsman appears bearing a palate cleanser of sorbet and the server apologized for the delay with our entrees.  Soon ( well not really soon but in a bit) three ginormous lobsters arrived much to the jealously of nearby dinners eating the relatively small tails served on a skewer plunged into their filets!  

While Mike and Lois were thrilled, if I had of known he was going to pull lobsters from the freezer, thaw and cook them just for us, I would have ordered the lamb shank which looked AMAZING! But once he had already done the deed I certainly couldn’t have said, ahem, lobster isn’t my fav. LOL.  It was actually quite good and I enjoyed every bite.

After we finished our entrees, none of the desserts appealed so we went up to the World Cafe and checked out their lobster tails before checking out the sweets. There were split tails being grilled to order on a flat top.  It seemed only right to have a taste to see how it compared…and frankly after the first one, it took another to be sure it was up to Viking standards! LOL. The remants from our excursion to the buffet: (yes that means we each had another whole tail!)

We thought they were as good if not better than the whole lobster and certainty looked more tasty the ungrilled version being served in the restaurant…so next time we will just go to the buffet and really chow down!

Another turn the clock ahead night so I am off to bed!

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