Good Morning!

We decided to try room Service breakfast on our balcony this morning. So we checked (ticked) off the items we wanted on the provided menu and hung it from our door last night for delivery between 8 and 8:15. Thankfully we woke a few minutes before the 7:58 alarm as breakfast arrived early at 7:53! I was still brushing my teeth but Mike was dressed and met the delivery man. (Who was so quick that Mike wasn’t able to give him the 2 euro tip I had laid out last night!)

Our first course was grapefruit for Mike and pineapple (with one lone blackberry) for me.

For our main dishes Mike had a ham and cheese omelet and I had ordered scrambled eggs but had also marked “easy” on the line which also offered medium and hard. Obviously those were only meant to describe fried eggs. Luckily overeasy is how I order my fried eggs so all was good. We both ordered sides of bacon, bangers, and hash browns as you can see. Inside the breadbasket is a croissant, a bran muffin and some wheat toast.

Food was all tasty and well prepared but as expected not as hot as in The Restaurant or The World Cafe…and the delicious lamb chops that have become our go-to meat order in The Restaurant weren’t available on the menu, though I bet if we’d written them in they would have come. I do wish we had of done the balcony breakfast on the second day of the cruise when it was a little warmer and not as windy but otherwise a lovely and relaxed way to start another sea day. #FirstWorldProblems

I’m off to get some laps if it isn’t too windy on the promenade deck (it was yesterday) or in the gym if it is. Then planning on spending 10-12:30 in the theatre. First lecture is by the producer of the BBC series about the Human Planet, then one on Spanish Tiles and their importance to the culture of Spain. And finally, another chance for our CruiseCritic Trivia team, The Sore Losers to live up to our name!😂

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