Emergency at Sea!

Shortly after the Captain’s daily noon time announcement today, the trivia contest was interrupted by the ding dong ding and him asking for everyone’s attention to inform us of a serious incident aboard. As you can imagine after last week’s events on Sky, there was immediate silence.

The Captain informed us that a storeroom has flooded and most of the toilet paper aboard was no longer usable. He asked guests to come to the Living Room to pick up their cabin’s ration of what was left. He stated we would need to use it sparingly as we have five more days before we get to Madeira.

Most of us in the theatre started laughing recognizing the April Fool’s Day joke but apparently many folks (including my DMIL actually went to the Living Room where housekeeping was handing out rolls-but she asked for a case!

Shortly thereafter, the Captain came on and wishes everyone a Happy April Fool’s Day!

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