Enjoying the afternoon on the balcony with a book and a cup of coffee. It’s in the upper seventies but a nice breeze and just a little motion in the ocean.

After our walk and a shower I had an early and light lunch,- made a salad and had the pool grill make me a piece of delish tuna to top it.

Then joined some CruiseCritic friends to form a trivia team, “The Sore Losers”….which was a very apt name! Do you know the oldest letter in the English alphabet? How bout which Beatle was the first one across Abby Road on the album cover? We missed those and four more. We did get this one right: What die medieval Spanish girls put in their mouth to protect them from being unwanted kisses? First one with three correct answers wins!

If a nap doesn’t overtake us, we are planning on going to afternoon tea (hence no breakfast and the light lunch). We are going today as we have reservations at the Chef’s table tonight where the portions are petite, so hopefully we won’t be overstuffed.

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