I keep hoping that Viking is going to email us with an upgrade to a penthouse stateroom (slightly larger, comes with liquor in the fridge that gets replaced daily and free ironing and shoe shines) alas, while others on our rollcall have been upgraded, we haven’t. 😢

BUT, we when we checked in for our flights tomorrow we found out our request for upgrades had been confirmed-at least for the Miami to San Juan. I had requested the flight we are on because it is a 767 widebody with lie flat seats. While we won’t need them, it does mean we will have lots of room and dinner. Now if the upgrade from Raleigh to Miami clears we will be golden. This is especially true since the airfare was “free” or at least included in our cruise price. We got the upgrades by responding to an email offer from American earlier in the year-the had a promotion to give us “Gold” status and ten 500-mile upgrade certificates each. So we are pleased that for at least some of our flights we will be in comfort! Keeping our fingers crossed that our request for an upgrade for the loooong flight from Rome to Philadelphia gets approved. That one won’t be free but for 25,000 points and $350 we think being in comfort for 11 hours will be worth it. 🤞

We leave Danville at 8 am tomorrow-Lois’ boytoy is driving us to Raleigh and our flight boards a little after 11 am. We have a long layover in Miami before we leave for San Juan. We are scheduled to land at 8:17.

@AmericanAir @VikingCruises

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