3 Days!

Three days from right now we should be pulling out of San Juan Harbor. We finished packing today, that’s probably the closest to departure we have ever done that…remember last year when we had it packed three weeks before we left? 😂

I guess the 7 months on the road helped us learn how to do it quickly. It also taught us that we didn’t need everything we packed the first time. Last year we both had our rollaboards expanded and a full backpack a piece. This year, everything is in the rollaboards and they aren’t expanded. We do have our Porto cloth daybag (it’s the beige bag on top of the suitcase just in case we discover something that should have been inside. The blue thing is a self inflating seat cushion. There is another in Mike’s suitcase. We will be flying back in economy if our upgrades to business (25k points + $350) don’t come through-I don’t have much hope they will. 😢 This will be the first time in 10 or more years flying long haul (11 hours) in economy. I had sworn I wouldn’t ever do it, but it was hard to pay for it when Viking included it in our cruise fare. So hopefully the cushions which come recommended by a bunch of frequent flyers will prove to be worth their $14 price tag….I’m really sorta hoping by toting them will cause us to be upgraded…you know how when you take an umbrella it never rains but if you forget then it pours?😁

7 thoughts on “3 Days!

  1. I just packed for a 25 day trip to China…and I’m leaving in 10 hours. You reminded me that I left no space in my suitcase for souvenirs. Guess I’ll be taking stuff out. I usually don’t buy souvenirs but you never know. P.S. I paid an arm and a leg to fly business…second leg of the trip is almost 15 hours.


    • Glad I could help! We have a small folding duffel that we use if we need more space as we go. But now that we don’t have a house, we don’t buy souvenirs unless we can eat them or use them….hence the Porto daybag! I also have a cork wallet from Lisbon and a leather belt from Florence. 😁. I suspect if you hadn’t bought the biz ticket you would have been willing to give both arms and both legs for the return!


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