Less than a month until Mike, his Mom and I will be aboard Viking Sea for his Mom’s first and our second cruise on Viking Oceans. We are spending 4 nights in Barcelona and 4 in Rome after the cruise so that Lois can also make her first visit to these wonderful cities.

Since this cruise stops at all the same places and is on the same cruiseline as our eastward transatlantic last year, I am not sure what the focus of my blog should be this time. I would hate to be repetitive and bore you!

Please let me know in the comments if have suggestions on what you would like me to cover or ideas of what you would like to know about this trip.

6 thoughts on “WhooHoo!

  1. I’ve been lurking, reading your blog since I found out about it by reading the Cruise Critic roll call for the TA you took last year–I was seriously considering taking it but the lack of any kind of solo cruiser discount from the 200% fare eventually led me to choose another vacation. I really have enjoyed your posts, thank you so much for your travelogue through all those foreign retirement destinations that I’ve been thinking about when my retirement starts in (hopefully) a few years. I expect on this trip you won’t do exactly the same things at the ports as you did last year, right? So tell us what you did this year, how you liked it, etc. I’m sure whatever you post will be great!


    • Glad you’re following along! Actually because Mike’s Mom is along we are pretty much doing the same things we did last year😢 which is why I’m struggling for a theme to blog about.

      Regarding the solo cruiser supplement, keep an eye on Viking Oceans’ last minute specials. Mike’s mom is “only” paying 150% supplement which was the incentive for us to take this particular cruise.

      Thanks again!


  2. I ditto Ladyalone in her comments, Clay. I’m like her too – not enough solo cabins and having to pay double if you wish to travel alone which I’m quite happy to do. it cuts people like us out of travelling.
    I’d still like to read your fresh observations as this is a new cruise in a new year. I wish I was travelling with you too. anytime Mike’s Mom wants company, I’m always here!


    • Well as I responded to her, you ought to look at Viking’s last minute deals as at least on this one, the single supplement was only 150%.

      Lois would like to find someone to travel with also…too bad you live on the opposite quadrant of our world!


  3. Where did you guys find out about the 150% solo price? I have been watching the Viking Oceans website pretty frequently for more than a year now and I have never yet seen it advertised. Did Lois find out about it from a travel agent, or another website, or was it on the Viking Oceans website? I want to be sure I’m looking in the right place.

    And by the way, was Lois 10 when MIke was born? She doesn’t look anywhere near old enough to be his mother. 🙂


    • It was actually a promo that we heard about via an email from Viking. If you haven’t signed up for their mailing list, then I don’t think you will hear about them. The price on the website was showing as one of the last minute specials with a special airfare of $799 but the promo was for “free” air and the reduced supplement.

      While not 10 she was still relatively young-21. But she will be happy to hear she doesn’t look her age which is what we tell her. Or maybe it is just Mike looks old for his age? LOL

      At least she still doesn’t try to claim Mike as her younger brother as she did when he was in high school and his younger brother was in elementary!


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