Quite a change between yesterday at 2 pm and today! We had planned on going to Washington to visit Yost and Sam this weekend but postponed due to the predicted snow/ice storm.

Glad we did! We ran out to the local cafe for lunch figuring it might be our last chance for a few days and while we were waiting for our food, the snow started about 1pm.

We headed home and by the time we got back about 2, the roads were starting to show signs of icing over on the edges. We parked the car near the road so if we have to get out we won’t have to fight our way up the gravel drive and hopefully to protect it from any tree branches that come down (the biggest concern during an ice storm). We then walked the 5 minutes down the drive to the house.

By that time the snow was really coming down.

We just came in from the back deck (where margaritas are the usual beverage of choice) and a cup of hot chocolate! If we only had a fire place, it would be perfect.

Stay warm!

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