While we haven’t yet finished our month at the lake testing the waters (no pun intended) for this becoming our home base, Mike got an email with too good a deal to pass up. So we are booked for a transatlantic cruise at the end of March. It is the same cruise we did last year to begin our retirement year. We will be sailing aboard Viking Sea from San Juan to Barcelona. We were on Sky last time but all of Viking’s ships are almost replicas of each other so we should know our way around.

Lois (Mike’s Mom) will be joining us for the cruise and for a few days post cruise in Europe. Our plan is to fly into San Juan the day prior to the cruise so Lois can see our 51st state. We hope to spend 4 nights post cruise in Barcelona followed by 4 nights in Rome before flying back home as she has been wanting to see the sights in both cities we have talked so much about.

We will have to buy the flights to Rome but otherwise the flights are all included in our cruise fare which with all our loyalty and referral discounts is $2,650 per person. Not bad for 14 nights, three meals a day (including beer, wine & soda). Pavlus, the travel agent we have used recently is providing each of us with $300 of onboard credit which will cover our daily service charges (tips) and the few drinks we will buy. We are currently waiting to see if Viking will allow us to fly home from Rome in their dime or if we will have to fly ourselves back to Barcelona. We are both excited about sailing on Viking again and showing Lois two of Europe’s great cities.

Upon our return, we believe we will be staying close to home and will probably do some road trips…maybe even out west as neither of us have visited the Grand Canyon.

10 thoughts on “Transatlantic

  1. Wow, I’ve taken a couple of transatlantic cruises and that is an incredible price, for Viking especially! While you are there, I’ll be in China and Tibet on a land tour…well, cruising on the Yangtze for a few days. Lots of Clemson celebrating going on at my nephew’s house, too. My niece and grand niece went to the game.


  2. How wonderfult that you two will be doing another TA with Viking. I was on the Viking Sea TA last March. it was my first TA and I loved the six sea days. Also a first to San Jaun. I loved the fort and walking around Old San Juan. We stayed at El Convento Hotel, next to the Cathedral. Be sure to walk down hill from there through the Red door to the sea promenade .
    BTW I am Azulann on CC. I am hoping to book another Viking cruise before my credit expires in March.


      • That is too funny ! I would come in a heartbeat, but this year is time to update my 14 yr old condo to get it ready to sell in 2020.
        Cannot wait to read through your eyes the wonderful cruise across the ocean.


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