Friday Market.

Went to Vila do Conde’s weekly market this morning. Quite a haul for only $20. Starting at 12 o’clock and moving clockwise: prosciutto-like ham, sausage, apples, olives, bread, carrot, big tomato,pastries, cherry tomatoes and figs right in the middle.

We didn’t get any of the flowers though I was very tempted by the protea. Nor did we get any of the salted cod but it is interesting to see it stacked up.

4 thoughts on “Friday Market.

    • We are looking forward to the figs and proscunto and the cheese! We actually like the salted cod-they soak it and then make it into a delicious casserole with potatoes or with cornmeal like what we had yesterday. We have a great kitchen here-except for the under-counter refrigerator. That’s not a big deal since we have a store across the street. Of course the Great (and cheap) takeaway place in the next block makes it difficult to bring ourselves to cook sometimes. LOL


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