Actually we are in Vila do Conde, one of many seaside villages near Porto and connected to it by the metro. We arrived last evening about an hour later than planned but given the possibilities that come with a hurricane we were happy.

The view above is from our bedroom at our Airbnb:.https://abnb.me/NNIdaRZf2Q. It’s as expected though we had missed the fact that it is on the third floor so we will be huffing and puffing for two weeks! We have only explored the town as far as the super market last night and a takeaway place for lunch today as it was raining this morning and is still cloudy…so great weather for a nap which is where I’m headed (first once since June!) as soon as the first load of wash is finished and I can hang it up to dry. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to walk down to the end of the street in the photo above to the now haze covered beach.

2 thoughts on “Porto!

  1. I’m enjoying your blog very much. Photos of the areas visited and food served are priceless. You both look relaxed and happy to be on this adventure.


    • We are that! Sounds like we both have to make a trip to Punto’s. Mike’s mom’s house flooded during Michael’s trek through Virginia and from the sounds of it, our carpet is currently floating đŸ˜¢


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