Our friends, Jenny & Brian live about 15 minutes from Inverurie which is a suburb of Aberdeen. While we enjoyed our day trip to Dundee we enjoyed even more spending time in this beautiful part of Scotland.

One day we four plus the four dogs headed north to the beach along the North Sea. We stopped in Elgin and had a picnic lunch in the shadow of the ruins if their cathedral and then on to the wide sandy beach at Roseisle. The beach is surrounded any a forest which was planted to protect the dunes. The dogs loved being able to run free and splash in the ocean. I really wanted to join them but it was chilly and windy so I didn’t.

On the way from the beach we picked up Indian takeaway. So good!

One evening after a car tour of Aberdeen, our hosts took us for a delicious dinner in Aberdeen. We had Cullen Skink, a Scottish soup made of lightly smoked haddock, potatoes and milk. So good! Mike had the shellfish platter and I had roasted haddock with a giant langoustine.

On Friday, while Jenny stayed home to prepare for dinner guests, Brian took us to Fyvie Castle (which unfortunately was closed but the grounds were beautiful.

During the drive we saw beautiful country side as shown at the top of this post and immediately below.

We then visited Pitmedden Gardens which originally was a grand house with gardens but the house burned but the beautiful gardens remain. I can only imagine how they must look in the spring in full bloom.

They included an interesting sun dial. The flat grave site looking stone included squares with the months while the smaller separate blocks in the radius abovewere times from 9am until later in the afternoon. When you stand on the proper month, your shadow shows the time.

That evening we enjoyed meeting Isabel and Alec, J&B’s former neighbors over a delicious home cooked dinner finishing with meringues with strawberries and double cream. And a wee whisky to finish it all!

We had a wonderful stay in Aberdeenshire, one we won’t soon forget! So glad we happened to have a drink with those Scots onboard Viking!

Next post will be about our Loch Ness adventure…..will we find Nessie???

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