We are sitting inside this lovely building in Schwerin waiting for our train headed back to the ship which is waiting in Warndemunde.

We had a lovely day despite a rain shower (“get the umbrella out of the backpack Mike, it’s not there Clay, didn’t you pack it? I thought I did, sorry”. Cut to three hours later we’ll after the rain. “Oops Clay I just found the umbrella, you did pack it!”) visiting Schwerin which is the Capitol of the state of Mecklenburg.

It’s a lovely city of approximately 100,000 and we were here during their Saturday market where we saw a really cool wood fired grill.

We had a delicious lunch in a cafe just before the rain came. Lois had tomato soup & a puff pastry with veal in a creamy sauce, Mike had grilled pork in an amazing mustard cream sauce with Arby’s potato cakes and I had onion soup and a thick slice of bread buttered with smoked ham and pickles. And beer-obviously Lois wasn’t a fan of Mike’s and my beer.

We came here as it is the location of the Schwerin Castle or palace. A royal house has stood here since 974. There have been many renovations and replacements since then. The palace we toured was a renovation/addition done in the 1800s. The building served as the duke’s palace until the royalty was abolished after World War 1. Since 1990 it has served as the parliament of the state. The castle is located on a small island on Lake Schwerin.

After the castle we rode the train back to Warndemunde. We missed the four o’clock train but got on the five o’clock. We almost missed our connection in Rostock as we were sitting in the platform for the train to Von Warndemunde not just Warndemundemude. Thankfully Mike saw our real train one track over!

After that short ride we made our way through the cruise festival-bands, food trucks, etc and back onto Breakaway. For the finale of the festival, there were fireworks as AIDAmar led the two ship parade out of the Warndemunde-Rostock harbor. Quite an exit-could they have been that happy to see us leave???

Due to slow data speeds I was unable to publish this post until after we arrived in rainy Tallin,Estonia. We had a lovely relaxed sea day yesterday and are currently finishing breakfast after which we hope to survive the rain enough to visit the medieval town here. However, 15 minutes after the ok to go ashore they closed the gangway due to the arrival of Sapphire Princess so unless you were on a Norwegian excursion you are currently stuck on the ship. Given “all aboard” is 4 pm, we are only going to have a short visit.

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