While the day didn’t turn out as planned it wasn’t a complete bust. We rode the HoHo bus so we saw a little bit of Tallin. We hopped off at the gate to the upper city and walked around inside the old walled city a bit. It was long enough to go in two churches and for Lois to buy jewelry.

If the sun had of been out it would have been great fun as the town looks lovely and the people we met were all very friendly. Especially those from the bus company who help locate our drawstring backpack we left on the bus and returned it to the information kiosk at the port. We realized it had been left behind when we needed the umbrella! LOL

Made it back to the ship around 1:30 and had had lunch and am now writing this from “The Waterfront”, Norwegian’s feature on its new ships. This is a promenade off of which there is outdoor seating for restaurants and lounges. During the day it’s a great place to sit and contemplate the world. Here is my current view-the sun is starting to show itself!

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