Headed Back

So after a month in the USA it’s time to head back to Europe. Posting this from The Raleigh airport waiting for our flight to Miami where we will overnight tonight before flying to Lisbon and on to Copenhagen tomorrow where we will board Norwegian Breakaway next Friday. That’s Mike’s Mom on the phone beside Mike in the picture above and below.

After much effort, she got everything she “needed” into a rollaboard and a backpack. While it took awhile, she was determined not to pack in the medium sized suitcase that we kept suggesting. She said she wanted to travel the way we were. The sad thing is she has no room for any souvenirs. Not sure how that is going to go for a shopoholic!

We had great visits with friends and family (and the doctor and dentist) over the month at home.

It started with Claudigras, our friend’s Claudia birthday celebration at Seabrook Island,SC. We had a great long weekend with too much food and drink. Claudia even got a tiara to wear though it got cattywhompus after a few of the drinks!

During Claudigras we got to see my brother and his family who live in Charleston. Hard to believe the kids are so old…..especially since I’m not!

We had a short visit with Sam and Yost in Williamsburg mostly to discuss plans for their visit to Porto to see us in October.

We visited with our cruise buddies, Peggy & Lowell in Lynchburg overnight to finalize our plans for our week in Italy before we all board Norwegian Star in Rome in November for the transatlantic trip home.

The next weekend our friends from Durham, Scott and Robert came up to Mike’s mom’s lake house at Smith Mountain Lake. It was very relaxing to sit and have coffee in the morning and cocktails in the evening with the mountain as our view….or floating in the lake.

Labor Day weekend, our friends from Raleigh, George & Doug joined us at the lake for another nice weekend.

We drove to Salisbury to visit Cousin Martha for lunch earlier this week. Had some good western NC BBQ. Yum!

While we have had a wonderful time at home, I think we are both excited about our first visit to the Baltic region (well except that overnight in the airport for Mike’s birthday 😂) and showing Lois around Lisbon after our cruise.

12 thoughts on “Headed Back

  1. Slight correction. It is a crown not tiara , it had no combs to attach to my head. I am sure the drinks had nothing to do with the cadiwhompidness! Lol It was a wonderful weekend! Y’all have fun!


  2. Hi Clay and Mike. I enjoy reading of your travels and observations. What a great time you’re both having and a wonderful way to spend your retirement.

    I’m still traveling here and there since our great cruise around South America on the Norwegian Sun. I do a blog and photos on Facebook when I travel. Are you on it?

    I did a Baltic cruise last year and travelled around Europe on my own. I really enjoyed it too.

    Please let me know if you get this email.

    Cheers, Sandy (Caley)

    Sandy Caley



  3. Don’t forget to repent and fast on Yom Kippur – the 19th, in case that fell off your itinerary. Forgive me for not being with ya’ll!


  4. Just can’t express enough how much I’m enjoying your travel adventures. Thanks so much for sharing. Wish we could have been on the trans-atlantic with you in November; maybe next time!
    Cruzin Carol


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