At the gate!

Though I wasn’t so sure we were gonna make it!

Immigration was a zoo, but mobile passport meant I was #5 in line (as opposed to #300 in the standard line);Mike was # 15 in the Global Entry line so we got to the baggage belt before our bags.

Walked through customs (not sure why we even have it, there was no one there even looking for folks with too much liquor.

Then around and back up to security. There were signs for “TSA Precheck” and “All Travelers” but only one entrance into the cattle chute. “Sorry Sir, everybody goes in one line”. So why two signs I wonder? Anyway we join the cattle….and then

Warning Rant ahead!

some entitled family of 5 broke into the security line not once but twice…first time the security dog had to start over sniffing 50 folks and the second time was just as I got to the end of the stainless steel table and the front of the conveyor belt. Suddenly all 5 (three toddlers and two young parents) cut in front and started stuffing all their crap directly on the belt.

Obviously they hadn’t been through security before….

“Do I need to put both strollers on the belt?” “This water bottle?”

“Only after you empty all the water, Sir”

“Is there anything in your pockets Sir?”

“No, they are empty….Oh wait, I need to take my phone out too?”

That’s when Mr Clayton lost it and said to the TSA loud enough for them to hear:

“I can’t believe these people have done this twice and holding up the fifty folks behind them.”

“Oh we have a tight connection”

When I said, ” and you think the rest of us don’t?” He growled and said I can’t believe how impolite some people are! ”


Thankfully the nice couple behind me who were also PO’d smiled and said Karma will eventually get them!

We made it to the gate 20 min before boarding and our now on our big plane To Miami.

Hopefully we will be on time and land at the gate they are showing as we only have 45 min there!

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