Always too late.

It always seems we find our favorite restaurant just before we leave. Two months before we left Houston the place we had been searching for finally opened around the corner. And now today we had lunch at the same place we had breakfast earlier in the week.

El Rinconcito is on the street into town about a 10 minute walk from our rental condo. When we had breakfast there the Owner told us about their lunch and told us we had to come back. We are sure glad we did.

The ladies there prepare 10 or more traditional dishes and for 55 pesos you choose two of them for your plate that comes with beans and rice. Today the choices included mushrooms two ways, chicken mole, chorizo and potatoes, mixed vegetables, spaghetti, chile releno and a couple of others.

As you can see in the picture at the top I had mole (surprise surprise) and mushrooms in a creamy sauce with chili’s and corn. Mike chose meatballs and the chorizo. We added aqua Fresca (mine was lemon and Mike’s was Jamaica which is really hibiscus but tastes like cranberry – 20 pesos each). So everything you see cost a grand total of $9.15. Again not Cuenca prices but we had more food and it was more flavorful.

We may go back tomorrow for our last San Miguel meal! And if not, it will definitely be our first meal when we return.

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